Exploration of TPUs for AI

AI Research Paper | TPUs | IoT

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JarvIEs Virtual Assistant

AI | NLP | RediSearch | Embeddings | OCR | APIs

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Events Recommender System

Reco | Data Science | Machine Learning | MLOps

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Connect-Four Algo

Python attempt of "A Knowledge-based Approach of Connect-Four" by Victor Allis.

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User Recipe Web App

CI/CD | IaC | React | Postgres

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Ryanair Datathon

Data Science | Machine Learning | Tensorflow | Streamlit Web App

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Hawk Farming

Computer Vision | Autonomous Drones | Smart Agriculture

PoC of an autonomous system that collects, analyzes and provides data in agricultural fields.

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Ace It Easy

Tutoring Academy | UX | Web Development

Academy for support classes at my university.

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IE IOS app

Swift | SwiftUI | JSON API

University Mobile App to allow students to access all the information for daily use at the university.

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AI | NLP | Pose detection | Video Generation

Machine Translation From Audio/Text To Sign Language (ASL) Pose/Video Generation

Statistical Soccer Database Platform

MySQL | PHP | HMTL | CSS | JavaScipt | SQL | Relational Database

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Smart Gel Dispenser

Arduino | Logical Circuits | C

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Python Checkers Game

Python | Pygame | Minimax Algorithm

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Lego Soda Machine (2014)

12 years old | Lego Mindstorms

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IE-Ryanair Datathon for Sustainability | Second prize.

Solution to reduce Ryanair's CO2 emissions after reviewing a dataset provided by the airline. Trained XGBOOST and a 2 layered NN to predict the Teledyne Ramp Weight of an airplane before take off. Developed a web app to allow visualizing the airlines data and make desired predictions on specific flights. Read More.


IBM, Microsoft & IE University | Best TRL - 2021 Silver Award.

PoC of an autonomous system that collects, analyzes and provides data in agricultural fields. Use of Computer Vision and AI to get insights such as plant health, water status, nitrogen/sugar/pH levels, disease detection and harvest scheduling.

2020 - 2024

Scholarship for Good Academic Performance

Candidates who have an academic average for the last three years of 9/10 Spanish system, 3.8/4 GPA, 38/45 or 36/42 IB score (or equivalent in their grading system) are welcome to apply for this scholarship.



No scholarship application was required. This scholarship was granted upon admission in the university.